Finding Tiananmen

Finding Tiananmen is a multimedia investigation on how the 1989 Massacre continues to be remembered in America, through the people and memories that still exist.

Through first-hand interviews with exiles, photographs of Tiananmen memories taken throughout my travels in the US, writings about my experience, and resurfaced images from history, I hope to leverage art and media as an ongoing critical space for free and open communication. I hope to complete a photo essay by the end of May.

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My Interview with Exiled Political Reformer Yang Jianli

Mobilizing the Millennial Generation: Former Tiananmen leader Wang Dan speaks out

A Democracy Dream from the South: Interviewing Chen Pokong

From Seven Point Petition to Immigration Law: Activist Li Jinjin

Hidden in a Harvard Library is a Vast Collection of Tiananmen’s History

Day 1 Musings

Day 3 Musings

Day 8 + 9 Musings

Final Musings

AFP-JIJI Press, 1989