Finding Tiananmen

Finding Tiananmen is a multimedia investigation on how the 1989 Massacre continues to be remembered in America, through the people and memories that still exist.

Through first-hand interviews with exiles, photographs of Tiananmen memories taken throughout my travels in the US, writings about my experience, and resurfaced images from history, I hope to leverage art and media as an ongoing critical space for free and open communication.

(May 2018 update) Awarded the Dietrich Humanities Prize at Carnegie Mellon’s Meeting of the Minds

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My Interview with Exiled Political Reformer Yang Jianli

Mobilizing the Millennial Generation: Former Tiananmen leader Wang Dan speaks out

A Democracy Dream from the South: Interviewing Chen Pokong

From Seven Point Petition to Immigration Law: Activist Li Jinjin

Hidden in a Harvard Library is a Vast Collection of Tiananmen’s History

Day 1 Musings

Day 3 Musings

Day 8 + 9 Musings

Final Musings

AFP-JIJI Press, 1989