Concept Project

According to the Arthur Eddington, time is one-directional (arrow of time) because entropy can only increase based on the second law of thermodynamics. The second law of thermodynamics states that in an open system, bodies can only move from low entropy to high entropy, thus distinguishing the past from the present and future. An egg that cracks cannot be uncracked. A glass cup that shatters cannot be unsheltered. A cup of milk that spills cannot be unspilled. Thus, hypotheses exist speculating that the Earth began with the system of low entropy and is progressively moving to a state of chaos and higher entropy.

I wanted to portray and consequently question this natural system. If the natural order of things involves chaos and the random non-ordered composition of objects (the central concept of entropy), that is, the need to preserve order and cleanliness -which lowers entropy- is actually an unnatural progression of time, why do we continue to desire order and cleanliness? Why obstruct the natural order of things when chaos is inherent?

The deconstruction and “reconstruction” of each object occurs over a progression of 7 documented steps, in which I, representing the everyday confused human, experience chaos and attempt to reconstruct order to a naturally disordered system. The end-result is something amateurish and shoddily patched up.