3D Art (old pieces)

Art vs Art

This vintage edition of Shakespeare’s “Cymbeline” can be considered a work of art on it’s own, physical proof of the timelessness and permanency of Shakespeare’s plays (or artworks per se). Typically, Shakespeare’s works are printed and read faithfully; rarely do publishers or readers make significant changes to the original text. In response, I decided to cut and draw on the original script as a means of challenging the notion that art is permanent and untouchable. Bearing no relation to Shakespeare, I created six images of various cells as seen under a microscope, each of which was drawn on a random page. Thus, I reduced Shakespeare’s script to simply a means for me to create my own artwork. It is the ultimate clash between artists and artists.

2014 (Grace Wong and Katherine Cao)

A wearable piece that requires two people to complete the remaining half-body. With tubes that connect the half-body to each bodysuit, cooperation between two people is needed to sustain an additional set of living organs.

Reaching the Ethereal

Inspired by the striking Lantern Festivals held in China, I created an installation that sends the viewer towards a spiritual state of ethereality. In seeing these glowing lanterns in the sky, we begin to feel ourselves slowly dissipating into the air. We become nothing. We become everything.