Grace Wong

New Media & Digital Storyteller

Finding Tiananmen

Speak No More

Research Paper: Online Visual Communication

Pocket Poems

Anna Karenina Book Design

Urban Agriculture Poster

Helvetica Poster

Alien - An Artist Series

3D Art (old pieces)

Freedomlands: Examining Ethics & Technology

CityTrace: Re-knitting Pittsburgh Communities

Tuhin Das Refugee Writer

Pocket Poems 3

Rent the Runway: Usability Testing

SPIRIT Fashion Show 2016

Type and Color: Phobia Posters

Ink Drawings - Three Part Series

Form and Composition - Design Sqaures

Communication Design Fundamentals

Film Photography

Digital Photography

Pocket Poems 2

Numbness: Rituals for Self Preservation

Biker's Nest



Exploring Plan and Elevation

The Woman (old drawings)

SPIRIT Fashion Show – Spring 2015

The Objects That Build Us (work in progress)

Socius Homelessness App

Happy Meal: User Experience Research

Urban Agriculture Poster 2

Contract Design


Data Flood

Black and White (old sketches)

Homelessness Intervention: Hot Beverage Program

A Tribute to Death


Olive Juice: Online Missed Connections

J Walter Thompson - Project Intern Preview

AXO Designs 2016

Visual Book

Today I Confess...

Instagram Breast Feeding Center

Dashburst Articles